maandag 22 december 2014

'2nd Movement (Petroglyph X-mas Mix)'

ApproachToSilence: beats & rhythms, piano.
Stephanie Juarez: voice (reading 'Little White Pill').
Theo Calis: electronic drums/percussion/bass guitar rhythms, sounds, audio-manipulation, mastering .
Martin Hoogeboom: objects, audio-manipulation, sounds, assemblage, concept.

dinsdag 4 november 2014

TZENGG Updated

In 2011, I made wonderful hiking trips with my wife in the South Downs in Sussex (UK). Back home, I tried to capture the landscapes I had just seen and experienced in paintings. I didn't really succeed. I realised that I wanted to imitate nature, make a copy. But it was just a pale reflection of reality. A two-dimensional snapshot of an experience. It's better if the paintings themselves become nature. Form their own world. This was no easy task. Strangely enough, I heard a soundtrack for these paintings in my head. Hard metallic sounds - TZENGG is not a word, but reflects the sound of metal on metal - mixed with warm organic sounds. So I started TZENGG: sound sketches for paintings.

For this TZENGG release on Charlotte Sometimes, I have reconstructed the original recordings from 2011 and 2012, and sometimes re-assembled them (without affecting the original character), and sound magician Theo Calis made wonderful new masters.

Did I manage to turn the TZENGG sound sketches into paintings?
Well, let me just say ...... it is an endless process. :)

Martin Hoogeboom

October 2014